About Autolite® Rewards

  • Thanks to people like you, America's best selling spark plug is offering rewards!

What's in it for me?

Sell Plugs. Get Rewards.

  • Autolite Rewards is a free, easy-to-use rewards program designed exclusively for NAPA Auto Parts store employees. The program rewards participating Managers, Assistant Managers, and Counterpersons with points for Autolite brand spark plugs sales at NAPA Auto Parts store locations. Log in to visit the Autolite Rewards Catalog and redeem these points for cool stuff you want. The rewards available through the Autolite Rewards Catalog are as unique as each of you. From gifts cards to merchandise, trips to event tickets, you won’t be disappointed with our huge selection of rewards.
  • Pro Tip: Check out our electronic gift card options. One of the exciting benefits of electronic gift cards is that they are sent to your email inbox within minutes of ordering so you can enjoy your rewards faster than ever before.
  • To put it simply, the more spark plugs you sell, the more rewards you earn!

How do I start?

Sell. Submit. Redeem.

  • It’s easy! Visit NAPA.AutoliteRewards.com to register. Once registered, you can log in to submit your sales in one of two formats; individual invoices or a NAPA 056 report, and using one of four methods; fax, email, upload or mail. Once we verify your submission, points are automatically added to your Autolite Rewards account, where they are ready to be redeemed. Earn bonus points and rewards during special promotions. Check out the ‘Program Promotions’ page to keep up-to-date on our latest offers! We also send exciting Autolite Rewards promotion details directly to your email inbox.
  • Pro Tip: Choose to provide a NAPA 056 report. This compact yet comprehensive report option saves time and trees with less paperwork, making the submission process even easier.
  • Keep selling Autolite brand spark plugs and start earning rewards today!

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